West Africa's Leading Provider of Quality, Global Food Equipment Brands

With offices in Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Senegal, JustFood is West Africa’s leading provider of best quality international food equipment brands. JustFood sells, services and provides factory warranties on all of the equipment that it distributes in order to maintain global brand standards and to ensure total customer satisfaction.

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Enjoy our Wide Range of Inspired, Best Quality Consumables

JustFood distributes a range of high quality consumables and leading food brands. Our range includes our market leading ice-cream powder, milk pots, non-diary cream, natural fruit flavour syrups, pastries and more.

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West Africa’s Leading Provider of Quality Consumables & Global Food Equipment Brands


Hot Food Preparation

JUSTFOOD provides world-class products that cater to all of your hot food preparation needs and we are proud to represent leading brands like RATIONAL and Vitamix. Our primary focus is to provide you with products that are innovative and technologically advanced in order to enable your kitchen team become more efficient and more inspired.

Quality Consumables

JUSTFOOD provides a range of best-in-class, high quality consumables that aim to inspire culinary excellence and customer delight. Enjoy our extensive range, which includes products by industry leaders such as Pritchitts Lakeland Dairies, Millac Gold Cream, Fabbri Flavours and Comelle ice cream mix, to name but a few.

Ice Systems

Get total ice solutions from Scotsman – a world-leading ice equipment manufacturer. Enjoy an ice system that caters to all your needs from production and storage to the distribution of quality ice for all applications including a variety of ice shapes to suit every occasion. For example, drink ice and display ice.

Drinks & Desserts

Since inception JustFood has inspired innovation within the ice-cream and dessert category in West Africa. This remains a strong focus within our business and we are delighted to represent state-of-the-art brands like Taylor, Vitamix and Elmeco. All of these brands offer unparalleled quality, innovation, reliability and after-sales service.

Professional Refrigeration

Enjoy professional refrigeration products with absolute quality, innovative technology and exclusive designs by ISA. Each unit combines aesthetic beauty with maximum reliability, while guaranteeing the perfect preservation of any food product.

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Our Mission

Since inception in 1989, JustFood’s pioneering spirit has helped shape the hospitality industry in West Africa. As we forge ahead our mission is to consistently provide the market with leading-edge products and innovative support services that aim to inspire new heights in culinary excellence, whilst we simultaneously deliver high value to our stakeholders at all levels.

Peter Mason (Founder)

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