Community Development 

JustFood is committed to improving the societies in which it operates. We firmly believe that there are no greater gifts than knowledge, the transfer of skills and the nurturing of talent.

On this basis, the Company frequently organizes and supports various events that aim to inspire, educate and improve the quality of life by broadening the horizons of people or groups within the community. Some of our recent initiatives include:


JustFood Lagos Hosts the Dowen College Class of 2015

As part of its Community Involvement Initiative geared at fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility, JustFood organized a familiarization tour for the 2015 class of Dowen College. The first phase of the visit to JustFood comprised of a lecture in the large conference room of the company’s Lagos Head Office.

Our Chief Operating Officer welcomed the students and their teacher before handing them over to Martha Nsa, the Nigerian Brand Ambassador for Taylor, Pritchitts and Fabbri 1905 brands. 


Martha engaged the students with an informative lecture on the basics of ice cream production. The students were then ushered to the company’s demo kitchen where the school’s Head Boy and Head Girl were kitted with aprons and taken through the process of making of soft-serve ice cream.

Chef Nick then demonstrated the use of the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® across a variety of delicious meals, which were then served to the kids for lunch.

The management of JustFood was impressed by feedback from this initiative and will continue to carry out Community Involvement activities like this on a regular basis.

A very similar event was undertaken for Neander International School in 2014. This event was also a great success met with excellent feedback. 


JustFood Academy of Culinary Excellence

In the second half of 2015; JustFood began collaborating with its global partners on what will soon be the company’s largest, most relevant and probably its most meaningful Corporate Social Initiative to date. Please click here to read more about this exciting project. 


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