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JustFood is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new learning academy: JustFood Academy of Culinary Excellence (JACE). The JACE Academy will also be the proud home of the Rational Academy for West Africa, which will provide a fantastic practical training as well as other exciting initiatives. 

We are presently in discussion with some of our other partners who have expressed taking ownership of modules such as Barista training, Mixology classes, the art of ice-cream making on.

Together with our partners, we are on a mission to develop a best-in-class learning academy that is focused on the development and delivery of a curriculum that covers a wide variety of topics relevant to the hospitality industry.


We plan to offers cooking classes across various disciplines, food safety and hygiene, as well as, customer service training programmes. These are just a few of the inspirational modules and seminars that we are planning.

All training modules will carry the relevant international certification of our global partners and we will also aim to collaborate with key clients and partners to bring some of the world’s leading chefs, food technologists, mixologists and other thought leaders to West Africa.

We are of the firm belief that West Africa has much to offer the world as a culinary destination and it is our hope that JACE will become instrumental not only in showcasing that; but become a place of inspiration to both local and global foodies.

On this basis, the key purpose of the JACE initiative is to support the realisation of our Company Vision, which is to inspire West Africa to become a globally sought after culinary destination.

Part of this programme will also include a social responsibility initiative. Together with our partners, JustFood will sponsor a select number of underprivileged students per intake. 

All going well, we anticipate the our first call for applicants to happen in July of 2016.