JustFood Welcomes Tunde Ogunrinde as new CEO

Ogunrinde believes that people and partnership are the keys to success.

JustFood Welcomes New CEO

JustFood is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Tunde Ogunrinde as its new CEO. Mr Ogunrinde has vast experience within the food and hospitality sectors and has held top management positions with Buger King in the UK and with 17 years Tunde was also the COO of Chicken Republic in Nigeria for several years where he was responsible for the management of operations across roughly 65 restaurants nationally.

According to Peter Mason (Founder of JustFood); although Tunde has an impressive operational background and sharp business acumen; these were in fact not the qualities that secured Tunde the position.  In Mason’s own words, “we appointed Tunde because above all he understands that success within the hospitality industry is dependant first and foremost on the skills and attitudes of people”. Mason adds, “Tunde has a strong training background and probably because of that – a certain way about him that seems to encourage people to actually want to try harder and work smarter.” Mason concludes that as JustFood is a business with a very strong service ethic; Tunde was the obvious choice”.

Despite Mr Ogunrinde’s personable and encouraging nature; his plans for the future of JustFood are anything but fluffy. Ogunrinde says that he will be placing a high degree of focus on the improvement of economies of scale and operational efficiencies across all areas of the business. Ogunrinde has also already put his training background and in depth understanding of the QSR sector to work. Key priorities are set to include new business acquisition and client retention through partnership. Ogunrinde is also making staff training programmes even more robust in order to improve customer service even further. In addition, Ogunrinde has suggested a much more aggressive branding and communication strategy and will be looking to introduce new revenue streams into the business via NPD, additional consulting services, co-branding initiatives, sponsorship platforms and an array of relevant culinary training programmes.