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All of JustFood’s aftersales and product support services come under the StarService brand.

Customers value JustFood’s StarService because we go the extra mile to ensure that customers remain up and running, even when machines break down. Even in the event that a client’s equipment has to be taken offsite for repairs, our StarService offering ensures that clients are provided with a replacement machine to them up and running.



Customers, who sign up for a StarService PMP contract, enjoy a host of benefits, including:

  • Machine Services: Free regular service every 3 months, inclusive of cost of hygiene consumables (Taylor equipment only).
  • Machine Breakdown: 20% discount on costs of spare parts and no charges for labour and transport.
  • Machine Warranty: Free replacement of spare parts within warranty period. Key customers are eligible for a standby machine when equipment is required to be taken offsite for repairs.
  • Machine Trade-in Facility: Customers can upgrade their machines by applying the trade-in-value of each old machine to the cost of a new one.
Enjoy our Silver Star Service
with a host of added benefits


JUSTFOOD organizes free intensive training programs for the staff or operators that will be using JUSTFOOD products. Training typically includes:

  • Basic ‘food and beverage’ safety and hygiene
  • Menu or recipe development
  • Demonstrations of proper equipment usage, as well as, exercises in trouble-shooting problem-scenarios
  • Training facilitators for these training programs are typically internationally certified chef’s and certified technicians. We also bring in guest speakers with other relevant expertise.
  • Attendees all receive relevant certificates upon completion of the training.



JUSTFOOD also supports customers with adequate Point-of-Sales materials and promotional items in order to effectively bolster their marketing campaigns.