Welcome Letter

To our customers, partners and stakeholders

Welcome Letter

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you, our valued customers, partners and stakeholders to our new and improved JustFood web site. My team and I hope that you will find the site easy to navigate, visually pleasing, informative and inspiring.

Our new site forms part of a broader re-branding initiative. This is in response to fast-moving trends both within West Africa and globally. It is also reflective of our unwavering commitment to constantly evolve and improve all aspects of our brand and business.

The new JustFood brand tagline, “Just Inspire” is closely related to our updated vision statement:  “To inspire West Africa to become a globally sought after culinary destination”.

If you think this sounds like a long shot – think again. In a recent BBC News article, Peter Okwoche (a self-confessed gourmet and BBC presenter from Nigeria) made a strong case to suggest that African Food (and particularly West African food) could in fact be the next gastronomic trend.

At JustFood, we are extremely proud of our heritage as a West African Company. We stand firm in our belief that West Africa has much to offer when it comes to culinary inspiration. The region is not only rich in spices; it is home to many interesting ingredients and offers a wealth of fantastically tasty recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the next over thousands of years. You also needn’t be a rocket scientist to recognise that there is certainly also no shortage of creativity, passion, ambition and talent in this part of the world.

We at JustFood find this all incredibly exciting! We are as such, passionately driven to provide the West African hospitality industry with best-in-class, technologically advanced, cooking and food preparation equipment. We will also continue to strengthen our partnerships with leading global brands so as to provide our customers with high quality consumables that inspire creativity and delight the senses. Via our brand building initiatives we will constantly strive to connect our audiences with inspiring people, thought provoking ideas, sensory experiences, productive solutions and engaging initiatives.

To end I would like to quote to the words of Billy Gallagher (an internationally acclaimed chef, teacher and humanitarian). He says, “if you want to get get get; you got to give give give.” I like to think that this statement speaks well to the manner in which JustFood aims to go about its business. Not only from the perspective of CSI initiatives, but more simply in the way we treat our employees, partners and customers. Above all, it is about the relentless dedication of our formidable team who start each new day by asking, “How can I serve and inspire you to be the very best that you can be?”