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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes we do and it’s called Comelle Ice Cream Powder and it’s available in 25kg, 9kg and 2.25kg respectively .

Not really but if you want to make ice cream profitably, then you need to have a Commercial Hopper (Ice Cream Machine).

Yes we do. We will be launching a pocket friendly ice cream powder called JUSTFOOD ICE CREAM POWDER soon.

Yes we do and its called FABBRI DELIPASTE and it’s available in different flavours.

Yes we do. Send us a message if you are interested so we can schedule a training with you.

Unfortunately, we do not. We ONLY sell and service equipment from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Yes we do. Please visit our e-commerce website JUST FOOD DOT NG to view our product offerings and place your order. 

Yes we do. CLICK HERE to view them and make a purchase.

Yes we do. CLICK HERE to place your order. Home delivery is limited to customers within Lagos.

Yes they are  available. Kindly visit all major stores and supermarkets nationwide to make a purchase. 

Yes we do. CLICK HERE to view and place your order.

Yes we do. We call it CAMBRO INSULATED FOOD TRANSPORT and it’s available in both electric and non – electric. 

Yes we do. We sell and service SCOTSMAN ice machine and its available in different sizes. 

Yes we do. CLICK HERE to view Rational iCombi Pro ovens. 

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