OKTO Bandsaw

Okto Bonesaw

The Band Saws or Meat cutters or Bone Saws are of a robust construction with heavy duty fabricated doors, heads and bases. The base is provided with 4 levelling feet. Saw wheels are made of cast iron, running on heavy duty bearings with scrapers on both wheels.

ELECTRICAL LOAD: Three Phase 1.5kW
STARTER: Remote On/Off push button with O/L Relay
RelayBLADE: 2870 x 15.875 x 2 Teeth per cm (113” x 5/8 x 5 T.P.I)

Additional Features

Tensioned Scraper Assemblies

These are designed to keep the blade and wheels free of debris and support the blade while cutting. These assemblies are easily removable for cleaning.

Easy Slide Table

This system ensures a smooth and precise moving table, reducing effort and increasing productivity.

Blade Tensioning System

The spring loaded tensioning system is incorporated into the top wheel assembly with an eye level tension indicator. It assures proper blade tension for a clean cut and lasting blade life.

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